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Ecoline spreads its wings.
Ecoline is fast becoming a hit in different parts of the world. More countries are now exploring the technology and signing up for Exclusive Distributorship.

WANTED: Dealers and Exclusive Distributors
ELG is on the lookout for potential Dealers or Exclusive Distributors in different parts of the world.

ELG Commits in helping Orphans
The Ecoline Group (ELG) has expressed its commitment to help orphans around the world through its "Adopt an Orphanage" program.

                                                                                         Go Green
                                     with our line
                                        of air conditioning
NanoShield - Effectively Inactive & Eliminate Various Harmful Airborne Elements


The ALL-NEW NanoShield combines the powerful sterilizing and deodorizing effect of nanoSilver and nano-photocatalyst.   Silver is known to possess the power to sterilize and deodorize since ancient time and has been used for medicines and household goods.   With the advance nanotechnology, this sterilization effect is powered up.   The nano sized (1 billion of a metre) Silver & Photocatalyst particles are fully infused into the filters, killing bacteria, moulds, removing VOCs and odor particles at the very first stage of filtration.

Nanoshield's deodorizing power is 150 times stronger than the high performance activated carbon.   NanoShield also has a larger surface area than conventional 'treated' filter, making it 20 times more effective in the filtration process.
Ionizer - Refreshes. Just Like Taking A Walk In The Forest After The Rain


A major source of Indoor Air Quality problems, VOCs are carbon-based chemicals that evaporate easily and emit vapors.   VOCs are inhaled and easily transported into our bloodstream.

Various sources of VOCs include formaldehyde in building materials, household products, tobacco smoke and pesticides.   It is known to have adverse effects on human body (eye irritation, respiratory tract infection, headaches, dizziness, memory impairment, increased risk of cancer).


Plasma-O2 - Exactly Like Breathing Natural Fresh and Clean Outdoor Air


Plasma-O2 air sterilizing system is a breakthrough technology that purifies the air like nature.   The only technology that duplicates the natural creation of powerful oxygen ions found in UV rays from the sun, the lightning during thunderstorms, waterfalls and oceans.   With p lasma-O2 the large oxygen ion clusters can live up to days, traveling around the room, eliminating bacteria, moulds and other harmful particles round the clock.   Leaving you pure, healthy air like at the waterfalls but in the comfort of your home. The ionizer releases negative ion shower into the room to create a refreshing environment like at the waterfalls.   Medical studies have demonstrated that the level of negative ions in the air around us determines the quality of the air we breathe and this greatly influences our health.   This "Air Vitamin" thus promotes our well being with fresh air inhalation.

Extra features for better solutions to better your life


Built-in Starter

With Sedna Aire, the starter is smartly built-in within the air conditioner unit.   No more unsightly starter box.

Thermal overload setting preset in the factory also gives accurate and safer protection.


Easy Maintenance

With a new design of air discharge housing, the fan blower can be easily accessed by just loosening up two screws on the unit.   This new feature provides a flexible, faster and easier way to clean up the fan blower and ionizer.



Auto Random Restart

When power failure occurs during the operation, the unit will automatically restart as the last setting condition once the power is resumed.   Option is provided to cancel this feature.






3-Fold Heat Exchanger

The compact design of this 3-fold structure provides a large surface area for better and efficient heat exchange.


  Double Louver

The new louver design with its automatic air swing function fully optimizes the room comfort by distributing the air evenly to every corner of the room.

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