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Ecoline spreads its wings.
Ecoline is fast becoming a hit in different parts of the world. More countries are now exploring the technology and signing up for Exclusive Distributorship.

WANTED: Dealers and Exclusive Distributors
ELG is on the lookout for potential Dealers or Exclusive Distributors in different parts of the world.

ELG Commits in helping Orphans
The Ecoline Group (ELG) has expressed its commitment to help orphans around the world through its "Adopt an Orphanage" program.

                                                                                         Go Green
                                     with our line
                                        of air conditioning
Ducted Type ACs
Air Cooled Ducted Blower Split Systems

Fresh Air for Healthy Living

Fresh air can be introduced into the building through the design of fresh air intakes such that a predetermined percentage of fresh air can be drawn into the system and supplied to every corner of the building.   This will improve the Indoor Air Quality (I.A.Q).

Super Silent Operation for All Area

The ducted design allows for air to be supplied into the room without motor noise, providing a super silent condition for better living.

Superior Air Distribution for Comfortable Living

High airflow coupled with high external static pressure allows for the air to be distributed to every corner of the building through long ducting, providing optimum comfort to the occupants.

Flexibility in Installation

The Indoor units SDB40B-SDB250B2 and SDB75D-SDB150D models come with standard horizontal air discharge whereas SDB300B2-SDB750B5 and SDB200D2-SDB500D4 models come with standard vertical air discharge.   However, the range from SDB125B-SDB750B5 and SDB200D2-SDB500D4 are convertible and designed to cater for either horizontal or vertical air discharge applications.

Flexibility of Air Supply

SDB 125B-SDB750B5 and SDB125D-SDB500D4 models are using belt driven blower whereby the air volume and static can be adjusted according to requirement.   This flexibility allows for wider application.

For SDB75D and SDB100D models, optional belt-driven units are available.


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