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Sedna Aire spreads its wings.
Ecoline is fast becoming a hit in different parts of the world. More countries are now exploring the technology and signing up for Exclusive Distributorship.

WANTED: Dealers and Exclusive Distributors
ELG is on the lookout for potential Dealers or Exclusive Distributors in different parts of the world.

ELG Commits in helping Orphans
Ecoline Group (ELG) has expressed its commitment to help orphans around the world through its "Adopt an Orphanage" program.

                                                                                         Go Green
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                                        of air conditioning
Our Technology

The Solar Thermal System


The Ecoline Solar Thermal Air Conditioning system is a system that utilizes the sun as a heat source to assist the energy needed to drive the cooling process of a typical air conditioning system which in turn reduces the electrical consumption required to run the compressor.


The Ecoline System is similar to a regular air conditioning system in that the refrigeration takes place by evaporating liquid with a very low boiling point. A conventional air conditioning system uses a compressor to increase the pressure on the gas, forcing it to become a liquid again through the use of the condenser coil. The energy required by the compressor at this stage constitutes a substantial part of the energy consumed overall by an air conditioner. The change of state of the refrigerant, starts to take place approximately 2/3rd's of the way down the condenser.


The Ecoline Solar Thermal Air Conditioning System uses the solar heat from the sun to superheat the refrigerant which enables the refrigerant to begin changing state before reaching the condenser coil. By using this method it reduces the superheat of compression required to achieve the cooling process in the conventional cooling systems as well as utilizing more of the condenser cooling face of the coil. The conventional air conditioning system is only able to change a portion of the gas into a liquid state such that when the refrigerant enters into the metering device it is a saturated vapor. Ecoline systems allows more of the refrigerant to change state back into a liquid faster as well as allowing the transformation of more liquid into the metering device.


SOLAR THERMAL COOLING uses the "FREE" power of the sun with the aid of Solar Thermal Collectors. The solar heat is then used to displace the electricity used during the cooling process. Although Solar Thermal Cooling still uses electricity to pump the refrigerant, the amount is VERY SMALL compared to that used by the conventional air conditioners in the market.


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