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Ecoline spreads its wings.
Ecoline is fast becoming a hit in different parts of the world. More countries are now exploring the technology and signing up for Exclusive Distributorship.

WANTED: Dealers and Exclusive Distributors
ELG is on the lookout for potential Dealers or Exclusive Distributors in different parts of the world.

ELG Commits in helping Orphans
The Ecoline Group (ELG) has expressed its commitment to help orphans around the world through its "Adopt an Orphanage" program.

                                                                                         Go Green
                                     with our line
                                        of air conditioning
About Ecoline Group

About The Ecoline Group




The concept of an efficient solar thermal air conditioner was initiated by Ecotrack International (a subsidiary of Ecoline Singapore Pte Ltd), a research and development company specializing in energy saving devices back in 2003 ,


Product reliability and viability testing under various practical condition started in 2007 , when Ecoline Group Singapore (now known as Ecoline Singapore Pte. Ltd.) was setup to market the Ecoline range of solar thermal air conditioner (branded then as Sedna Aire) for various projects including the following: 2007 - 2010:


U.S. Navy Housing Facility in Singapore for their testing and evaluation.


Mount Alvernia Hospital in Singapore .


NOK factory in Batam, Indonesia .


NewsDesk Bar and Grill in the Philippines for evaluation by the Department of Energy who later issued an exemption from their Energy Labeling Program and approved the product for market in the country.


Nestle in Philippines


National University of Singapore (Department of Engineering Canteen).


The Italy Hospital (Italy for United Nation) in Khartoum, Sudan .


The Resort of Desroches Island and Wines Warehouse in Mahe, Seychelles.

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