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Sedna Aire spreads its wings.
Sedna Aire is fast becoming a hit in different parts of the world. More countries are now exploring the technology and signing up for Exclusive Distributorship.

WANTED: Dealers and Exclusive Distributors
ELG is on the lookout for potential Dealers or Exclusive Distributors in different parts of the world.

ELG Commits in helping Orphans
The Ecoline Group (ELG) has expressed its commitment to help orphans around the world through its "Adopt an Orphanage" program.

                                                                                         Go Green
                                     with our line
                                        of air conditioning
GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE is the single, most dangerous threat the world is facing today...and that's a FACT.
Environmental experts agree that one way to help reduce the effects of Global Climate Change is to use the Energy we produce much more EFFICIENTLY.
SEDNA AIRE is dedicated to help the environment. It is the most energy efficient air conditioner in the market today. By using Sedna Aire for your air conditioning, you will save 30% - 50% on your electricity bills for cooling your home and businesses. This is due mainly to the Solar Thermal System we use in our air conditioning products. And what's more, we use ozone friendly refrigerants on all our products so we don't contribute to the further destruction of our precious ozone layer.
SOLAR THERMAL COOLING  uses the the "FREE" power of the sun with the aid of Solar Thermal Collectors. The solar heat is then used to displace the electricity used during the cooling process. Although Solar Thermal Cooling still uses electricity to pump the refrigerant, the amount is VERY SMALL compared to that used by the conventional air conditioners in the market.
Sedna Aire Miami Distribution Center
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